Hesperia Palaeohispanic Languages Data Bank

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  • Javier de Hoz
  • Joaquín Gorrochategui
  • E. Luján
  • F. Beltrán


Taken from the project website (accessed 2016-05-22):

The main objective of the HESPERIA Palaeohispanic Languages Data Bank is to collect, organise and process all ancient linguistic material relating to the Iberian Peninsula (and any related material in the south of France), with the exception of Latin, Greek and Phoenician inscriptions. Thus, the HESPERIA Data Bank includes every text in the Palaeohispanic languages (Iberian, Celtiberian, Lusitanian and the language of the Southwestern inscriptions), coin legends, indigenous onomastics (anthroponyms, toponyms, ethnonyms and theonyms in the aforementioned languages, as well as those of Vasconian and Turdetanian) conveyed in Greco-Latin epigraphic or literary sources and Hispanic glosses conveyed by ancient authors.