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  • Tom Elliott
  • Sean Gillies
  • Sebastian Heath
  • Hugh Cayless
  • Gabriel Bodard
  • Ben Armintor
  • Leif Isaksen
  • …and others


GAWD (Graph of Ancient World Data) was the name associaeted with early discussions to develop an ontology and usage recommendations for the application of linked open data to ancient world studies. Coming out of the Concordia and Pleiades projects in 2009, a proposed vocabulary of relationship types under the title GAWD was circulated, enabling statements about texts, objects, places and other entities via properties such as: "names", "attests to", "written on", "found at", "belongs to", "originally located at", "modern location".

The GAWD Ontology never came to full fruition, but the discussions around it fed into initiatives such as LAWD, Pelagios, Nomisma, Pleiades, SNAP:DRGN, and many others.