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  • E. John Jory


Epigraph was a CD database of Roman inscriptions of Vol VI of Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum. The contents were fully searchable allowing searches to be made on inscription numbers, text strings, cognomina, greek text, numerals, Claudian letters, ligatures, reversed letters, short letters and tall letters.

From the TROVE catalogue record (accessed 2019-05-28):

Compiled by Prof. EJ Jory of the UWA Department of Classics and Ancient Hist ory, Epigraph is "a database of Roman inscriptions, contain[ing] the text of those inscriptions collected at the instigation of Th. Mommsen and published under the auspices of the German Academy of Sciences in volume VI of the Cor pos Inscriptionum Latinarum." This CDROM contains "almost 40,000 reports of inscriptions found in the city of Rome itself." "What is provided is restricted to the text of the inscriptions and does not include collateral information such as the find spot, the present location of the inscription, etc." [extract from the accompanying pamphlet]