Digitizing Epigraphic Squeezes

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Graduate students in the Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies Department of the University of British Columbia are pursuing a small-scale project, involving the creation of high-quality digital images of the epigraphic squeeze collection of their university. The Malcom McGregor's Athenian Tribute List is part of this collection.

Digitized images are accessible in the Epigraphic Squeezes collection, which is part of the University of British Columbia Library Digital Collections.

From the collection website (accessed 2020-11-14):

The digitization of the McGregor Squeeze Collection is currently being carried out by Digital Initiatives together with From Stone to Screen, a CNERS graduate student-led initiative to digitize the department’s material collections, and funded by a grant from UBC’s Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund. The process of digitizing these hundreds of squeezes is on-going, so new images and information are added regularly. You can read more about the ongoing status of the project on its blog: From Stone to Screen