Digital publication vs. print publication

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Issues to be considered when deciding between digital and print publication

  1. Who is your audience? Digital might reach a wider readership.
  2. Scale of publication: would it be prohibitive to print on paper?
  3. Cost: who is going to print and archive print? Who is going to build and host digital?
  4. Prestige: will print look better on your resumé/tenure review?
    1. related to the above: peer review?
  5. Media: do you need images, colour, 3D, multimedia, interactive content?
  6. Hypertext: do you need to be able to cross reference internally, externally, include open datasets, make available for reuse by others?
  7. Stability: will you want to lock down or periodically update your publication?
  8. Digital tools: did any digital tools or resources feed into your research? How are you going to reflect this in the publication?


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