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  • Hayim Lapin


Project under development to produce a digital edition of the Mishnah. Features: XML/TEI encoding of manuscripts; collation of witnesses; synoptic and apparatus presentation; statistical tools. See the blog for discussions on challenges in using the Collatex tool to develop an apparatus criticus.

A demonstration page highlights the features that are planned. Even though inchoate as of September 2012, this project represents one of the more advanced studies in the creation and display of an open-source critical edition.

From the project web page (accessed 2019-09-12; last updated 2014-07-17):

The Digital Mishnah Project will provide users with a database of digitized manuscripts of the Mishnah from around the world, along with tools for collation, comparison, and analysis. This demo provides fully marked up transcriptions of several major witnesses of tractate Neziqin (Bava Qamma, Bava Metsi'a, and Bava Batra), and illustrates basic functionalities. In addition the transcribed witnesses include several Genizah fragments, with an emphasis on those fragments that join other fragments to make up larger manuscripts.