Digital Epigraphy and Archaeology Project

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  • Angelos Barmpoutis, Director
  • Eleni Bozia, Associate Director


From the project website (accessed 2019-08-06):

Digital Epigraphy and Archaeology is an interdisciplinary project initiated by scientists from the Digital Worlds Institute and the Department of Classics at the University of Florida. The goal of the project is to develop new open-access scientific tools for the Humanities and apply concepts from digital and interactive media and computer science to Archaeology and Classics. In our web-site you can view our 3D collections and interact with our on-line exhibits, read about our recent results, find interactive demos of our projects, and learn more about our future research directions.


The Digital Epigraphy and Archaeology Project contains three main projects (accessed 2020-07-23):

The Digital Epigraphy Toolbox

  • The Digital Epigraphy Toolbox is a novel and technologically advanced scientific tool for the effective study and comparative analysis of Greek and Latin inscriptions. It provides archaeologists and epigraphists with a cost-effective and efficient method for 3D digitization of inscriptions based on squeezes (paper casts, impressions of inscriptions on a paper), as well as access to an online dynamic library of 3D inscriptions. Found here as of 2020:

The Virtual Museum of World Heritage

  • A virtual interactive 3D museum, featuring significant world heritage exhibits. As of 2020, the link no longer appears to work, and redirects rather than work.

Interactive Classical Theater