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  • Ronald Milne (2008-)
  • John Tuck (2003-2008)


From the project website (accessed 2016-03-01):

One of the core undertakings of the project was to capture each page of Codex Sinaiticus as a high-quality digital image. Each image offers a substitute for the real manuscript leaf. Careful imaging of Codex Sinaiticus therefore provides a life-like view of the pages and allows, for the first time, worldwide access to the manuscript.
The digital photography of Codex Sinaiticus had to establish the best practice, taking into account that
    1. the leaves could not travel and had to be photographed at four different venues with different equipment;
    2. the writing on the leaves had to be readable on the digital images;
    3. the natural appearance of the parchment and ink had to be faithfully reproduced.
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