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There are arguably categories that should be added, others that should be removed, others that should be linked to each other, either in a category-subcategory relationship or a simple cross-reference.

Categories to add

  • Categories cited but not populated. Some of these may actually be candidates for removal.
  • Latin / Greek. Uncertain whether these are worth the enormous labour that would be required to populate them properly.

Categories to be edited

Categories of dubious value

  • category:Projects (arguments for dropping: laborious to populate, difficult to maintain; arguments for keeping: can be used to disambiguate projects from, say, tools; designed to populate a full list of all projects described in the Wiki (as in the menu bar))
  • category:Creativecommons (why drop?: zero members, difficult to populate and maintain; should be replaced by a more accurate "open license" tag or similar; why keep?: )

Categories to cross-reference

  • Egyptology has four subcategories, but those four categories don't point upward to the parent category, or to each other (of value only selectively).