Dictionnaire Historique et Encyclopédie Linguistique du Latin

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Project staff


From the project website (translated from French; accessed 2020-08-04):

The DHELL is a portal aimed at making current work in all areas of Latin linguistics accessible to a large audience: the lexicon in all its components (phonetics, word formation, semantics, etymology, history, etc.), but also syntax and pragmatics.

The DHELL is an evolving and collaborative working tool, that allows for the constant updating of data, following publications and scientific advances. Members of the DHELL team can amend or expand their own contributions at any time. In addition, the team is dedicated to renewing itself regularly and welcoming new members.

The website is divided into four main parts:

  • Latin Lexicon, gathering articles on individual lexemes written by members of the DHELL team, organized by semantic fields and grammatical categories;
  • Technical Languages, containing more extensive treatises about Latin technical vocabulary;
  • Word Formation, an overview of the various aspects of Latin word formation, accompanied by an annotated bibliography;
  • Linguistic Encylopaedia, treating the different linguistic notions and theories that apply to Latin, accompanied by examples from Latin syntax and morphology.