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  • Developer: Alek Keersmaekers
  • Corrector: Toon Van Hal


DendroSearch is a tool for browsing the Ancient Greek Dependency Treebanks in a user-friendly way (e.g., from the Ancient Greek and Latin Dependency Treebank). It was developed as part of Pedalion, a platform for learning and reading Ancient Greek!

Taken from the project's GitHub (accessed 2021-08-03):

A query tool for Ancient Greek Treebanks. Instructions can be found in the user guide. The treebanks included are from the following projects:

  • The Ancient Greek Dependency Treebanks
  • The PROIEL treebanks
  • The Gorman Trees
  • The Harrington Trees
  • Aphthonius' Progymnasmata
  • The Sematia Treebanks
  • The Pedalion Treebanks