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  • William G. Noel (Schoenberg Institute)
  • David McKnight (UPenn Library)


Digital Mappa (DM): Tools For Digital Annotation and Linking (at the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies) is an environment for the study and annotation of images and texts. It is a suite of tools, enabling scholars to gather and organize the evidence necessary to support arguments based in digitized resources. DM enables users to mark fragments of interest in manuscripts, print materials, photographs, etc. and provide commentary on these resources and the relationships among them.

DM at its most basic is a tool for linking media. There are four types of resources with which DM permits the user to work: images, texts, and fragments of images or texts as marked out by a user. A user may create links between any combination of resources. The most common is a link from a textual annotation to the image, text, or fragment it describes. In many projects, a single annotation will reference (e.g., for comparison) fragments from several images. DM is designed to enable scholars to easily create these and other types of relationships among resources.