Celtic Personal Names of Roman Britain

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  • Paul Russell
  • Alex Mullen


From the project webpage (accessed 2019-08-20):

This database collects all the personal names from Roman Britain which are thought to contain Celtic elements. While personal names from Gaul have received considerable attention over the years in works such as GPN and KGP, the huge increase in the number of names (from the finds in Bath and Vindolanda, together with the publication of RIB II) now makes it imperative that the data is available in a easily searchable format. It is hoped that this database will offer a useful and flexible tool by which the information provided by personal names from Roman Britain can be integrated into the scholarship both of Roman Britain and of name-studies more generally (for a discussion based on the epigraphic data published up to and including 2005, see Mullen 2007a). If funding were available, this database might be a prototype for a much-needed database of all personal names attested from Roman Britain.