Celtic Inscribed Stones

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  • Wendy Davies
  • James Graham-Campbell


From the archived web page (accessed 2019-08-20):

The Celtic Inscribed Stones Project (CISP) is undertaking a collaborative, interdisciplinary study of Medieval Celtic inscriptions. One of its main objectives is the compilation of an accessible, comprehensive and authoritative database of all known inscriptions. By bringing this material together in one place and making it readily available our goal is to turn what is a largely untapped resource into usable material.

The scope of the project is the Celtic-speaking regions of the early middle ages, (Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Brittany, the Isle of Man, and parts of western England, in the period approximately AD 400-1100). Included are all stone monuments inscribed with text, whether in the Celtic vernacular or Latin, in the Roman alphabet or ogham (but excluding runic inscriptions). This material constitutes primary data of unique evidential value to historians, archaeologists, historical geographers, palaeographers, epigraphers, art historians, medieval Latinists and Celtic linguists.

CISP's primary objectives are:

  • to create a comprehensive database of all known inscribed stones and present it to scholars in a usable form
  • to produce a definitive corpus of the inscribed stones of early medieval Brittany.