Carmina Latina Epigraphica Hispaniae

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  • Concepción Fernández (current)
  • Joan Gómez Pallarès (founder)


Carmina Latina Epigraphica Hispaniae provides three databases related to metrical inscriptions from Hispania. Access is restricted without registration.

  • An interactive graphical database, on the first place, containing a wide range of graphic materials (photographs, drawings, tracings and digitized manuscripts). The information provided is schematic but absolutely comprehensive. This database allows the researcher to make simple or combined searches among all the characteristics of each inscription (medium type, chronology, layout features, metrical form, graphic symbols, etc.).
  • The second database provides textual searches, also simple or complex through our epigraphic editions of Latin texts (with Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT, XOR)
  • The third database allows to search through the text of all our schedae, not only the Latin text edition but also its full philological analysis. It is remarkable that these comments -for the very first time in the history of CIL- are available in Latin, Spanish and English. In this way, this third database can be consulted in any of these three languages, allowing both ​​simple and complex searches (with Boolean operators). Simple but complete instructions may be founded when accessing the query.