Canadian Centre for Epigraphic Documents (and Journal)

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  • Colin S. Clarke


From the home page (accessed 2015-02-03):

The Canadian Centre for Epigraphic Documents (CCED) was founded in order to archive, catalogue, and digitize epigraphic materials. The digitized images are to be placed online, allowing scholars easy access to these documents.

The Canadian Centre for Epigraphic Documents (CCED) is a non-profit organization staffed entirely by volunteer information professionals and graduate students in Information Studies.

Our goal is to become a repository for world inscriptions.

The CCED would be pleased to consider accepting additional collections to add to our online library. Those wishing to donate/make available an epigraphic collection to the Canadian Centre for Epigraphic Documents should contact the CCED before submitting any material.

Many epigraphic texts are in danger of being lost through environment, negligence, or willful destruction. The CCED regularly works with collections that contain only extant copies of deteriorated or now missing inscriptions. To enable us to continue our work conserving and placing rare and endangered documents online, please consider donating to the CCED.

The Canadian Centre for Epigraphic Documents Journal (JCCED)

The CCED Journal is a peer-reviewed publication. Submissions may be in either English or French.

Submissions can take the form of notes or observations (1/2 - 3 pages) or short articles (4-8 pages, plus references) relating to epigraphic studies.

Epigraphic Studies includes:

  • historical or philological aspects of inscriptions
  • art historical aspects of inscriptions and their surrounding decorative motifs
  • digital humanities or information/library studies approaches relating to inscriptions numismatics and sigillography

We especially welcome articles on inscriptions from the CCED online collection and editions of unpublished inscriptions.