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  • Alessandro Giovenco


From the archive website (accessed 2017-06-22):

The Photographic Archive of the BSR includes over 100,000 items, prints and negatives. A number of unique collections of 19th century photographs found their way into the BSR and out of these the Archive grew to include later collections, which document the research and activities of the BSR up to the present day. The majority of these are still unknown outside the BSR and most are not yet catalogued or published.

The increase in activities and events relating to the Photographic Archive was triggered in 2002 by a generous three-year grant from The Getty Foundation which funded the cataloguing and organization of three 19th century collections of photographs. A second two-year grant from The Getty Foundation in 2007 funded the cataloguing and organization of part of the J.B. Ward-Perkins collection (more information in Projects) and the creation of this website.

The archive also includes prints, maps, documents, manuscripts, paintings, drawings and postcards from the BSR collections.