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  • Peter Stewart


Searchable interfaces to the Beazley Archive of Greek vases. Now part of the Classical Art Research Centre.

Frm the Centre webiste (accessed 2019-07-29):

Housed on the top floor of the Ioannou Centre, behind the Ashmolean Museum and next to Oxford's main classical library, the Beazley Archive is a world centre for the study of ancient Greek painted pottery.

The Archive contains the world's largest collection of photographs of ancient Greek painted pottery, as well as relevant books and offprints, extensive material on the history of gem-collecting, and thousands of other documents and photographs relating to classical archaeology and to Sir John Beazley. Many of the Archive's images are available online, but the Archive's library remains a resource of central importance for research on classical art.

From the project website (accessed 2017-04-26):

There are different methods of searching the Pottery Database. The 'Basic search' option will allow you to carry out very simple filtering of the database. If you want access to all the data with a complete range of search options and tools, please use 'Full database'. You will then be presented by a choice between our traditional search form and a newer 'Faceted Search form'. If you are new to the database you may find the faceted search easier and more intuitive.