Banque de Données des Epiclèses Grecques

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Available (project website)

Project Team

  • Scientific administrators: Karine Karila-Cohen and Sylvain Lebreton


Taken from the project website (accessed 2023-12-15):

The project of creating a Greek Cult-Epithets Data Base (in French: Banque de Données sur les Épiclèses Grecques – BDEG) started as the idea to construct a tool which allowed researchers to study Greek polytheism and, more broadly, Greek religion; and also allowed them to move a step forward in quantitative terms, thus opening new perspectives in their quest to understand this complex human construction. Putting together an extensive meta-source with the available tools at that moment implied a documentary task in itself. However, it led to new questions and innovative ways to answer them. One of these ways is moving from the polis scale to the region scale and to the Greek world and viceversa; or studying the links between certain cult-epithets and certain deities. It is worth mentioning from now, that here the quantitative aspect often has a positive impact on the qualitative one.