Archaic Etruscan Tomb Painting

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Authors and Contributors

  • Jess Galloway
  • P. Gregory Warden
  • Michael Thomas
  • Prajña Desai


CD-ROM Archaic Etruscan tomb painting: five Tarquinian tombs, director and producer: Jess Galloway; editor: P. Gregory Warden; specialized texts contributed by Michael Thomas, Prajña Desai, and P. Gregory Warden. Dallas, TX: P. Gregory Warden and Southern Methodist University, c2001.


From the Institute of Classical Studies Library catalogue (accessed 2020-10-04)

This CD presents Quicktime VR of five spectacular painted tombs at the Etruscan site of Tarquinia. Detailed photos, plans, and descriptive texts place the tombs in cultural and historical context. The Quicktime VR movies on this CD afford the unique opportunity to view the tombs in their entirety." {Back cover of case.}