Apparatus Inscriptions (Agostinelli)

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  • The 'Apparatus' Inscriptions of the Roman cult buildings (and EDB to EpiDoc crosswalk)

Status: in preparation (description as of April 2009)


Antonella Daniela Agostinelli; supervisor Antonio Enrico Felle – Dipartimento di Studi Classici e Cristiani, University of Bari.


The project is part of the author's PhD research (to be published late 2010 or early 2011), and is aimed at making these texts available for further research and knowledge, using a contemporary, international and easily-accessible standard. The project’s purpose is an online edition of the approximately 150 'apparatus' inscriptions of the Roman Cult buildings dating from the fourth to the ninth centuries. These inscriptions include peculiar details concerning the use of words, the sentence structure and the purpose. They were requested by important purchasers; they are placed in uncommon positions (e.g. apse and triumphal arch) and may have an advertising function. The corpus will include some inscriptions already published in EDB Database, so a further aim of the project is also to make the EDB compatible with the EpiDoc Standard, so that EDB texts can be exported and interchanged with other material in this international standard.