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The author, William Annis, is also the creator of the twin project (see this page for further information).


Like, is a collection of classical Greek texts annotated "with notes on grammar, vocabulary (lots of vocabulary), text criticism and history" [1]. However, while has prose texts, includes poetry.

A modified version of the Diogenes (TLG/PHI Reader) software is integrated in the website, providing access to two functions: Greek word dictionary lookup and word parsing.

A note in the project's home page dated December 2014 states that the project is "officially on hiatus".

Greek authors

As of March 2015, includes works by Alcaeus, Anacreon and Anacreontics, The Greek Anthology, Archilochus, Bion, Hesiod, Homer, Homeric Hymns, Ibycus, Mesomedes, Mimnermus, Pindar, Sappho, Simonides of Ceos, Solon, Theocritus, Theognis, as well as some anonymous poems.

Text format

Both in and in, texts can be viewed in the proprietary PDF format, but it is also possible to access the source code in LaTeX, by substituting the ".pdf" extension with ".tex" in the browser address bar.