Ancient European Languages And Writings

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Ancient European Languages And Writings (AELAW) is a research project aiming at studying the ancient fragmentary languages of Europe and at creating a large online databank of documents in those languages.

Fragmentary ancient languages are those whose evidence only survives in fragmentary or rare documents, mostly being inscriptions on stone, metal or pottery.

Those languages include "Etruscan, Raetic, Camunic, Venetic, Faliscan, Messapic, Osco-Umbrian, Sicel, Sicanian, Elymian, Ligurian, Lepontic, Gaulish, Lusitanian, Celtiberian, Iberian, 'Tartessian', Vasconic / Aquitanian, Thracian, Lemnian" (from the poster presented at the EAGLE 2016 Conference).