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  • David Robey


From the home page (accessed 2006):

The AHRC's ICT strategy aims to encourage, support and enhance the use of ICT in the conduct of research in all areas of the arts and humanities, the development and use of digital research resources and tools, and the exploitation of ICT in disseminating and making available the results of research. The strategy is currently implemented through a coordinated and collaborative set of activities and schemes, comprising, in addition to the ICT in Arts and Humanities Research Programme:

These activities and schemes are all currently funded for the medium term only. In 2006 the Board intends to conduct a fundamental strategic review of the ICT activities it funds and related research community needs. This will lead to a revised ICT strategy, and will help to determine the longer-term support for ICT that the Arts and Humanities Research Council will provide after 2007.

In addition, the AHRC's research panels have funded, and will continue to fund, a very substantial body of subject-based research using ICT methods and/or outputs, notably through the Resource Enhancement and Major Research Grant Schemes.