AGILe lemmatizer for Ancient Greek

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Developer of the first version:

  • Jasper Bos

People permanently involved:

  • Evelien de Graaf
  • Silvia Stopponi
  • Saskia Peels-Matthey
  • Malvina Nissim


AGILe is the first lemmatizer trained on Ancient Greek inscriptions. It is based on the Stanza lemmatizer by Qi et al. (2020) and the core of its trainig data is the Collection of Greek Ritual Norms (CGRN) corpus, complemented with data from the PROIEL corpus to increase the quantity of training data.

AGILe achieved an accuracy of 85.1% on the CGRN test set, this means that it was able to correctly lemmatize 85.1% of the wordforms in the CGRN test set.

AGILe accepts as input a string of text and returns a Stanza Document object.


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