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==See also==
==See also==
* Not to be confused with [[Roman Inscriptions of Britain]] (EpiDoc corpus).
* Not to be confused with [[Roman Inscriptions of Britain]] (EpiDoc corpus by Scott Vanderbilt).

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  • Kevan White


The Epitome contained a précis of every entry in RIB vol. I, along with the diplomatic text of each, grouped by region. This page was found within the context of a much fuller site containing a wealth of resources on Roman Britain.

From the website (archived at Archive.org on 2015-07-24):

In the RBO version the following information is presented; the R.I.B. designation number and observed Latin text, the nature and condition of medium, the date and place of its discovery, its current whereabouts - whether in a museum, private collection, still in situ, lost, destroyed, etc. - the date of the inscription, where it may be ascertained, also whether the text has been restored. In addition, all of the place-name headings on the linked pages are clickable, and lead to separate pages on each location where many of the inscriptions have been translated. All translations are, however, the work of the RBO WebMaster, Togodumnus, upon whom all blame should be laid for any inherent mistakes.

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