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Digital Classicist Publications

Some papers drawn from the first Digital Classicist Work in Progress seminar series (London 2006) are now published in a collaborative issue of the Digital Medievalist. "Though much is taken, much abides": Recovering antiquity through innovative digital methodologies. This publication is dedicated to the memory of Ross Scaife (1960-2008).

Digital Classics Publications (from ICS)

The Institute of Classical Studies/Joint Library catalogue is a useful place to start looking for publications on Digital Humanities relevant to the Classics, and on Classical software and resources in general. See the Computing Resources page, or search for Classmark 98A.1 in the Library catalogue.

Joint Library of Hellenic and Roman Societies/ICS blog

The Joint Library now also have a weblog, and use the label "digitalclassicist" for online/electronic acquisitions or other news of interest to digital humanists. Items in this category can be browsed at:


Classical Creative Commons Publications

Individual articles and guides to practice (unindexed)

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