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=== PhD Theses / Dissertations ===
=== PhD Theses / Dissertations ===
* <span class="wikilink">[beuDachin.html Eugenia Beu-Dachin, The Latin Language in the Inscriptions from Roman Dacia]</span>
* [[beuDachin.html Eugenia Beu-Dachin]] The Latin Language in the Inscriptions from Roman Dacia
* to be added
* to be added

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These pages are intended to provide concise information on projects applying computing technologies to Classical/Ancient Historical research. Should you know of any relevant project, please feel free to add it to the list and create a page with the title, URL, and a brief description.

See also: Humbul listing of AHRC Classics Projects

The following projects have been listed so far:

Text/markup projects

Archaeological projects

Lexica/linguistics and Prosopography/onomastics

PhD Theses / Dissertations

Teaching tools

  • [../Projects/Perseus.html The Perseus Digital Library]
  • [../Projects/philoponia.html Philoponia Project]
  • [../Projects/telaLatina.html Tela Latina]
  • [../Projects/Theatron.html Theatron]
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