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* [[User:NickWhite|Nick White]]
* [[User:NickWhite|Nick White]]
* [[User:NoraWhite|Nora White]]
* [[User:NoraWhite|Nora White]]
* [[User:JonathanWieland|Jonathan Wieland]]
* [[User:JonathanWeiland|Jonathan Weiland]]
* Sue Willetts
* Sue Willetts
* [[User:ChristinaWilliamson|Christina Williamson]]
* [[User:ChristinaWilliamson|Christina Williamson]]

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[edit] Administrators

The following are the administrators of this Wiki space: contact any of the below to have your membership confirmed.

[edit] Partner Institutions

The Digitalclassicist is proud to list among its partner institutions the following bodies:

[edit] Full Digital Classicist Community

This is a full list of the membership of the Digitalclassicist community, who serve in both editorial and advisory capacity. (Users with wiki accounts are highlighted in this list.)

All are welcome to join the Digital Classicist Wiki as editors and help us build the FAQ and other documents. Contact any of the administrators above to apply for an account.

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