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  • Josh Goldenberg
  • Matt Shanahan

Logeion 2 (Sept 2018):

  • Philip Posner
  • Ethan Della Rocca
  • Josh Day


Logeionis a Greek and Latin dictionary tool, which searches multiple dictionaries. It will search for Greek words if they are given in translation or in Greek script.

From the About page (accessed 2019-04-04):

Logeion (literally, a place for words; in particular, a speaker's platform, or an archive) was developed after the example of dvlf.uchicago.edu, to provide simultaneous lookup of entries in the many reference works that make up the Perseus Classical collection. As always, we are grateful for the Perseus Project's generosity in sharing their data. None of this would be possible without their commitment to open access. To enhance this site as both a research and a pedagogical tool, we add information based on corpus data in the right side bar, as well as references to chapters in standard textbooks.

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