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Status: in preparation (description as of November 2007)

Iscrizioni Latine ArcaicheDigital Corpus of Archaic Latin Inscriptions. With funding of the IULM University in Milan, Giovanna Rocca, together with a small team of scholars, has launched a two-year project that aims to realize a digital corpus of all the archaic Latin inscriptions (VII-V century BC) recovered up to now. This corpus will cover a period that has not been included in EDR yet.

For each text, that will be encoded using EpiDoc, descriptive data together with linguistic and epigraphical commentaries, bibliographical references, photographs and apographs will be provided. The work will also include indices, concordance, search tools and supporting materials.


  • "The digital edition of the archaic latin inscriptions (7th-5th century B.C.)" in S. Orlandi – R. Santucci – F. Mambrini – P. Liuzzo (a c. di) Digital and Traditional Epigraphy in Context, Proceedings of the Eagle 2016 International Conference, Antichistica 36, 2017, pp. 67-72.
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