Inventory of Byzantine Churches on Cyprus

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  • Dr Tassos Papacostas (Hellenic Studies, King's College London)


Materials for an Architectural Study.

The iBCC is based on material gathered by Tassos Papacostas mainly in 1995-2000 on more than one hundred Byzantine churches surviving or excavated on Cyprus and preserving evidence of building phases dating to the mid-7th to late 12th-century period. The function of this collection of data was to serve as a tool and support for the author’s doctoral dissertation, dealing with the architecture of these buildings and its possible interpretations in the context of the island’s economy, demography and culture. In its online form this material is presented as an inventory whose primary purpose is to facilitate further research on the monuments. It is neither comprehensive, nor is it complete. It represents the state of scholarship at the turn of the millennium and does not take into account publications from much beyond the year 2000 or research carried out subsequently. New discoveries constantly add to the corpus of relevant monuments, as does further study of the architecture and fresco decoration of structures hitherto ascribed to or appearing at first sight to date from later centuries.

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