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URL: http://www.ibiblio.org/telliott/epidoc/

The EpiDoc (Epigraphic Documents) Collaborative is an international community of scholars working with texts in ancient Greek and Latin inscribed on durable materials (principally stone), convened by Tom Elliott of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. EpiDoc is a collection of recommendations for the encoding of inscriptions in XML, many of the issues surrounding which are equally relevant to scholars working with other ancient and medieval texts. The EpiDoc DTD is a subset of the TEI (currently P4).

The EpiDoc Guidelines are a detailed collection of suggested conventions for encoding the Lejden-style epigraphic transcription style in XML, currently adminsitered via a wiki at http://epidoc.xwiki.org/. The EpiDoc SourceForge site also allows users to download: DTD and TEI modification files; stable builds of the Guidelines (word or PDF format); software and other tools created by members of the collaborative for editing, manipulating, or processing texts.

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