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[edit] Available

[edit] Directors

  • Arlo Griffiths
  • Julian Wheatley
  • Marc Miyake

[edit] Description

From the project website (accessed 2019-07-02):

The Corpus of Pyu Inscriptions digital publication aims to present the complete primary textual data along with metadata, including precise information on the whereabouts of the inscribed artefacts, annotated English translations, for a major the Burmese epigraphic corpus that has so far only been studied with pre-digital methods. Our aim has been to identify in the field, or in museums, all inscriptions falling within our purview, to document them photographically, to re-edit them from the originals whenever possible, and to exploit the full potential of a digital corpus approach to these historical documents.

The corpus focuses on inscriptions in the Pyu language, but includes inscriptions in other languages if they may be connected with the urban system in first-millennium Upper Burma, i.e., with ‘Pyu culture’.

The data presented in this publication have been encoded in XML according to the EpiDoc schema compliant with the Text Encoding Initiative and processed through ODD in an eXist database.

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