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This is an XML schema for encoding biblical texts and commentaries in multiple languages, including Latin and Ancient Greek. The The Zefania project blog and German Wikipedia have limited background information on the project.

The XML encoded files provided by the project can be converted to other XML schemes (e.g. TEI). Since among the files there is e.g. a morphologically tagged Septuaginta edition, the resource is potentially useful to Classicists, for linguistic research etc.

The documentation on the XML scheme also makes available the xsd schema file.

Files and encoded texts

The actual files are hosted on the Zefania Sourceforge page.

The Latin texts include three Vulgate versions: Clementine Vulgate, Nova Vulgata, and Biblia Sacra Vulgata.

The Greek texts include these LXX and NT versions: Westcott-Hort Greek NT, Strongs Numbers, Textus Receptus NT, Strongs Numbers, Robinson, Pierpont Byzantine Greek NT, The Analytic Septuagint (morphologically tagged), Byzantine Majority Text (2000), Tischendorf Greek NT, Septuaginta LXX, Greek WH, Greek NT Tischendorf 8th Ed, Greek NT 1894, Greek New Testament, Greek NT 1550.

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