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Since beginning my own studies, I have recognised the importance and interdependence of both History and Digital technologies. I have graduated in History of Art from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid with my final project on "Pre-Roman Sanctuaries in the Iberian Peninsula" and I have specialised in Early Roman Spain. Looking forward to expanding my competence in History of Art, I have completed a Master’s degree at King´s College London and University College London as an intercollegiate student. During this degree, I have gained expertise in academic research related to the Classical world and I have also developed my knowledge about Digital Humanities through the Digital Classics Intercollegiate Module at the Institute of Classical Studies and my collaboration with the Heritage Gazetteer of Cyprus project at the Department of Digital Humanities at King´s College London. Currently, I am a Digital Archaeology PhD candidate at the Open University, UK. My research focuses on the study of Early Roman Spain through Linked Open Data resources.


The Open University Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Classical Studies The Open University Milton Keynes MK7 6AA

Email: LinkedIn: [1] Academia Edu: [2] Open University: [3] Twitter: [4]


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