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From the website (authored 2003-01-17; accessed 2016-01-12):

Metis has entered its second incarnation. It is now much more friendly to low-bandwidth users (even modem connections). It now only loads the particular node it needs. Pages are now roughly 200 to 300 kilobytes in size. Metis will now generate a catalog of features for each site allowing you to jump from one to another very quickly. Most sites now have plans that are synchronized with the node you are currently viewing showing you where you are on a site. These plans are zoom-able as well as click-able (you can jump to the nearest node by clicking on the plan). URLs can now be created that reference anything anywhere in Metis. Please see the section in the FAQ on "How to create URLs..." if you are interested in making your own links. The list on the Highlights page will give you examples of the linking possibilities.
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